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Snapshot Release

We announed the Dedia Snapshot 2022-12 Release on our blog. Please read more information about the previous DBpedia Snapshot 2022-09 Release here.

New Datasets

Do you want to query DBpedia’s Largest Diamond Dataset or the Latest Core Release? No Problem! Following we published an updated list of DBpedia’s brand new datasets.

  • The Latest Core Release (branded tiny diamond) is our smallest dataset collection based on the English Wikipedia. This is the DBpedia that you know since 14 years.
  • The Marvin Bot releases 21 Billion triples per month (that’s  5500 triples per second) from 140 Wikipedia languages + Commons + Wikidata + the full article text. Please see the progress dashboard here.
  • DBpedia Archivo is a BETA prototype. We detect and crawl all available ontologies every 8 hours and store them persistently on the Databus. The ultimate fallback solution for the Web of Data. It also has a 4-star rating for each ontology and SHACL tests.
  • DBpedia Largest Diamond, also BETA is our skyrocketing dataset describing 220 million entities using 1.45 Billion triples from DBpedia, Geonames, DNB, Musicbrainz, etc. and is continuously growing.