Data Downloads

Knowledge Graphs and their future

Gartner put ‘Knowledge Graphs’ in 2020 at the peak of its hype cycle. Browse through different DBpedia data sets and read our mission how we want to develop the open DBpedia Knowledge Graph in the next 5 till 10 years.

DBpedia Latest Core Releases

Download the latest DBpedia core releases — quality-controlled and useful subsets of data from the DBpedia extractions, e.g., Wikipedia infoboxes, text, and mapping resources. Start working with DBpedia now!

DBpedia Snapshot Release

The new Snapshot Release centered around EN Wikipedia and manifesting the kernel for the Linked Data Web since 2007. These releases are more stable and consistent and will be release in a three month interval and update the main SPARQL endpoint and Linked Data interface.

DBpedia Archivo

Explore existing ontologies on the Web with DBpedia Archivo. It crawls all kinds of vocabularies, adds new ontologies, updates the already enlisted ontologies regularly and provides a 4-star rating.

Popular Individual Datasets

A multitude of datasets have been developed around DBpedia and some attract more interest than others. Curious? Discover the most popular individual datasets created and used by the DBpedia community.

Language Resources (NIF)

Get more data out of Wikipedia by targeting the article texts as another data source. Make use of the representation of the wiki pages in the NLP Interchange Format (NIF) and create the basis for further NLP fact extraction tasks.

DBpedia Ontology

The DBpedia ontology is an ongoing crowd-sourcing effort containging 768 classes, 3000 different properties and about 4,233,000 instances. Query it over the SPARQL endpoint, browse through it using one of the various interfaces or ownload the ontology files.

Online Access

Linked Data Access

Linked Data is a method of publishing RDF data on the Web and of interlinking data between different data sources. The DBpedia data set is served as Linked Data. This allows you to browse the DBpedia data set with Semantic Web browsers.

SPARQL Online Databases

The DBpedia datasets can be explored online through a SPARQL query endpoint. Check out triple pattern fragments, the public faceted browser Web service interface, the REST API, and sample queries for your experimentation.

DBpedia Live

DBpedia data on demand with DBpedia Live. It retrieves all edits on Wikipedia immediately. The extraction framework returns 19 types of Wikipedia content, e.g. abstracts, images, person data or external links.


Access DBpedia data via the Lookup service, an instance of the highly customizable Generic Lookup. Whether you need an auto-complete service for your RDF application, Linked Data enhancements for your CSV tables or simply a way to retrieve specific DBpedia identifiers — the DBpedia Lookup is for you!

DBpedia Databus

Find Linked Data datasets with the DBpedia Databus — a data cataloging and versioning platform for data developers and consumers. Deploy your own datasets in a well-structured way and streamline your data releases. You can also retrieve and work with data releases by other users in a unified and automatable way.

Snapshot Release

Are you looking for the DBpedia Snapshot Release?

Check here!

Linking Infrastructure

Spotlight Entity Linking

If you like to autmatically annotate your text with DBpedia resources and create links to the entities, Spotlight is the way to go! It supports multiple languages and performs entity spotting, disambiguation and annotation over any text source.

Lookup Linking

Try out Lookup Linking — the DBpedia entity retrieval service for DBpedia entities that resolves keywords to resource identifiers. Enrich plain text documents or tables with DBpedia URIs or link your labels to resource identifiers.