Linked Data Access

Linked Data is a method of publishing RDF data on the Web and of interlinking data between different data sources.


Linked Data on the Web can be accessed using Semantic Web browsers, just as the traditional Web of documents is accessed using HTML browsers. However, instead of blindly following nondescript links between HTML pages, Semantic Web browsers enable users to navigate between different data sources by following self-described RDF links. This allows the user to start off at one data source, and then move through a potentially endless Web of data sources connected by RDF links. It also allows the robots of Semantic Web search engines to follow these links to crawl the Semantic Web.

Please see Tim Berners-Lee’s Web Design Note about Linked Data and the tutorial on How to publish Linked Data on the Web for more information about Linked Data.

The DBpedia Linked Data Interface

The DBpedia data set is served as Linked Data, meaning that all DBpedia URIs are dereferenceable to RDF (and HTML as well). This allows you to access the DBpedia Linked Data Interface

Access via Content Negotiation

A good overview of how Linked Data is implemented is given in this W3C document.

A brief example: is the non-information URI, which will always return a 303 See Other HTTP status code giving the URI of the requested format in the Location: response header. Note that the non-information resource is the identifier used for linking not /page/ or /data/ text/turtle can be accessed via curl -L -H "Accept: text/turtle"
redirecting to

Available formats are given in the alternates header: application/atom+xml, application/rdf+json application/odata+json application/json application/ld+json
text/n3 text/rdf+n3 application/n-triples text/turtle application/rdf+xml

URIs and Pattern$entity

In the main DBpedia endpoint, we provide dereferencable URI for data extracted from the English Wikipedia. For each Wikipedia page, DBpedia has an entity following the same pattern: ->

For a full list of available URIs, you can download the latest labels artifact (select EN). The whole data dump exposed via Linked Data at$entity can be downloaded, see the latest-core collection.

Additionally, DBpedia chapters provide similar URIs under DBpedia subdomains, see

Sample Resources

Some example Linked Data URIs from the DBpedia data set are listed below. To start surfing the Semantic Web, please enter any of these URIs into the navigation bar of one of the Semantic Web browsers listed above.