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TerminusDB is a multi-model, open-source, distributed document graph database with collaboration, workflow, and revision control tools at its heart.

Devs use TerminusDB to build headless CMS in complex environments, knowledge management and collaboration systems, and data-intensive applications.

It has numerous features:

    • Version control Git-like features for collaboration, control, and safety
    • GraphQL & REST APIs 
    • Diff engine – Compare JSON documents and branches to see what’s changed and apply a patch
    • Schema as code – Dev-first focused to build schemas and content infrastructures fast (also comes with a schema UI)
    • Customized workflows – Create custom change request workflows and approval pipelines based on user role and document type
    • Semantically connected JSON – The schema language connects JSON documents into a graph
    • Analytics EngineGraphQL and Datalog coupled up to provide fast and powerful queries across your graph-connected documents
    • Auto-generated document frames – Automatically generate customizable user interfaces from the document definitions in your TerminusDB schema.

For more detail and other features read the TerminusDB documentation.

TerminusDB is suited for large organizations and developer consultants that want to build API-first headless applications and systems that connect content, knowledge, data, and assets.

TerminusX is TerminusDB as a Service and is free to use. SOC 2 certified hosting. Build your beta and get to market fast. Scale up and deploy your own instance. 

TerminusDB is fully featured and open source (Apache 2.0) forever. Install as a Docker container, from source code, or from Snap. Alternatively, get acquainted with us on TerminusX.


If you have questions, please contact us, or chat with us on Discord.


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