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Month: November 2008

  • DBpedia version 3.2 released including the new DBpedia Ontology

    November 17, 2008
    we are happy to announce the release of DBpedia version 3.2. The new knowledge base has been extracted from the October 2008 Wikipedia dumps. Compared to the last release, the new knowledge base provides three mayor improvements: 1. DBpedia Ontology DBpedia now features a shallow, cross-domain ontology, which has … read more
  • DBpedia is now interlinked with Freebase. Links to OpenCyc updated.

    November 15, 2008
    Freebase is an open-license database which provides data about million of things from various domains. Freebase has recently released an Linked Data interface to their content (See release note). As there is a big overlap between DBpedia and Freebase, we have added 2.4 million RDF links to DBpedia pointing at the corresponding things in Freebase. These … read more
  • DBpedia Mobile won the 2nd prize of the Semantic Web Challenge 2008

    November 2, 2008
    We are happy to announce that DBpedia Mobile has won the 2nd prize of the Semantic Web Challenge at the 7th International Semantic Web Conference. DBpedia Mobile is a location-aware client for the Semantic Web that can be used on an iPhone and other mobile devices. Based on the current … read more
  • Snapshot Release

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