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DBpedia Snapshot 2022-06 Release


The DBpedia team, heartbrokenly, has to inform you: that there will be NO new Snapshot Release of version 2022-06.

You can still use the last Snapshot Release of version 2022-03.

We want to address the current problem and future solutions in the following.

We encountered several new issues, but the major problem is that the current version of DBpedias Abstract Extractor is no longer working. Wikimedia/Wikipedia seems to have increased the requests per second restrictions on their old API. 

As a result, we could not extract any version of English abstracts for April, May, or June 2022 (not even thinking about the other 138 languages). We decided not to publish a mixed version with overlapping core data that is older than three months (e.g., abstracts and mapping-based data).

For a solution, a GSOC project was already promoted in early 2022 that specifies the task of improving abstract extraction. The project was accepted and is currently running. We tested several new promising strategies to implement a new Abstract Extractor.

We will give further status updates on this project in the future.

The announcement of the next Snapshot Release (2022-09) is scheduled for November the 1st.