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DBpedia evolves with the innovative and active use of its community members who constantly create the emerging DBpedia-related material. We value the efforts of contributing open data, tools and services for a shared reuse and application by the whole DBpedia community. Therefore, we have created a platform where all your contributions can be seen.

Community Action Needed

The DBpedia team have diligently cleaned up the website and have removed outdated content. Moreover, we’ve created a platform for new datasets, services, applications and tools. Have you developed a fascinating tool or app? Please share it with the DBpedia Community! We will publish your tools and applications, which are using DBpedia data on our website. Please explore current DBpedia apps and projects here: https://www.dbpedia.org/community/data-tools-services/ 

Submit Your Tool or Application

Please fill out the submission form or send us your information (description of your applications, videos, pictures) to dbpedia@infai.org. Following this, we will publish your submission on the DBpedia website

Submission for to upload your tool or application on the DBpedia website

Let’s all join together! Show us which cool and fascinating tools and applications you’ve created with DBpedia. 

We are looking forward to your contribution!

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